Free Standard Domestic Shipping for Orders Over $99

Free Standard Domestic Shipping for Orders Over $99

Skin Care That Matters

At La Lune Apothecary we take pride in every step of creation.  

Each one of our products are created in small batches by hand, which often include seasonally available ingredients, insuring fresh goods that are preservative and chemical free.

Our ingredients are ALWAYS organic or wild crafted.

We distill our hydrosols and essential oils in a copper still to naturally preserve the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of our ingredients. Aqueous distillate will stay fresher for longer compared to similar methods using stainless steel. 

Cobalt Blue glass bottles are used for oils and hydrosols to shield delicate liquid from becoming rancid due to light pollution.

Our packaging is minimal, recyclable, and made in the USA

Finally, we believe that by remaining environmentally conscious our customers and planet will benefit. 

We are here to challenge the status quo.

Your beauty and self-care regime does not have to be toxic to you or the planet.