A lover of land & sea, I have spent my life enjoying the natural beauty of the California coast-- ocean adventures in the pacific and running barefoot through enchanted Redwood forests.

My love of nature opened my mind to the world of plants and their healing properties. As a teen and young adult I suffered from acne. Frustrated with countless chemically ridden products and prescriptions, my skin actually got worse with conventional treatment. I soon discovered how toxic the 'beauty' industry is for our bodies and environment, and how little the FDA regulates what goes into our everyday products...Frustration turned into inspiration and I began my quest for using and formulating natural products.

La Lune Apothecary is a small-batch, handcrafted skin care line made in California. Each batch is created with intention to heal and nourish our bodies and spirits. Our organic materials are grown and sourced in California and the Pacific Northwest at large. The small organic family farms we work with allow us to formulate luxurious effective products with the highest quality ingredients.

You will not find synthetic or toxic chemicals in any of the products. We do not test on animals. All ingredients are certified organic, gmo free, paraben free, and sulfate free.

We distill our own essential oils and hydrosols using a handmade copper still. This method is centuries old, and although time consuming, allows the plants to retain their healing properties.

La Lune is french for Moon and is synonymous with femininity, luminary, & alignment. She influences the tides, the seasons, plant life, and our bodies . I invite you to nourish your body and soul with La Lune Apothecary.

Meghan M Hazard