Updating Your Skincare Routine For Fall

Updating Your Skincare Routine For Fall
Summer slips into Autumn, and the days shorten while the nights grow.  As we feel the crisp air, our skin adapts to the changing temperatures.  Here are a few tips to update your skincare routine for the new season.

Exfoliate Body + Face
Fall is a great time to introduce a body and facial scrub to treat dry areas.  One might think exfoliating would exacerbate dryness, but sloughing off the dead skin cells prevents skin from becoming parched and scaly.  Our Cardamom Cacao Coffee Salt Scrub & Soak is a nourishing and deeply moisturizing with fatty-acid rich apricot kernel oil.  For the face, our Botanical Facial Polish is a gentler option that not only acts as a cleanser but also a micro-dermabrasive polish.   

Moisturizing Mask
Our favorite DIY treatment is a honey mask!  Honey is a natural humectant (preserves moisture) and antibacterial that you probably have in your pantry.  Put a quarter size amount in your palm and rub into face for a few minutes as the honey warms.  Rinse with warm water after honey has been on face for ten minutes.

Depending on the climate you live in, using a serum twice a day (morning and night) will help hydrate skin in the drier air.  Both of La Lune Apothecary's premier serums feature a blend of organic cold-pressed oils that are highly restorative and effective treatment for aging or acne-prone skin.

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