Spring Strawberry Distillation

Organic Strawberry Hydrosol

Spring Harvest

When my husband and I are in southern California we work with Stehly Farms, a small organic family farm that grows the organic strawberries used in our Strawberry Hydrosol!  Distillation day for strawberries began with waking up early to pick up 4 crates of strawberries from the Stehly booth at the farmer's market.  From there I quickly head home to process the berries (cutting them in halves to expose their juicy sweet insides to the steam inside the copper still) and get them in the still.  The strawberry distillation in particular is a tricky dance monitoring the heat and water levels.  Since the fruit itself holds so much water the still can quickly overflow with strawberry juice and pollute the hydrosol mixture (oops- this may or may not have happened to me a few times before).  So, after 7 hours of a smooth and successful distillation day I can relax as I bottle the hydrosol and start to clean the still.  


  • Sweet floral aroma
  • Tones & firms the skin
  • Reduces redness
  • Rich in vitamin C, K, E, and Magnesium 
  • Brightens complexion 

You will be challenged to not drink this- but rest assured if you are tempted a little taste, all of La Lune Apothecary products are safe due to our natural ingredients.This hydrosol smells of a juicy sweet strawberry picked on a warm summer day.  The strawberry acts as a natural toner for the skin, and is naturally acidic to brighten complexion and spirit!  This farm fresh hydrosol is truly a favorite by many and is a warm sweet welcome to the spring and summer season! Added to the online catalog today, this one sells out fast so order quick! We will have more through out the season as they continue to grow.

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