Happy Summer Solstice | 3 Tips to Nourish Summer Skin



Summer is upon us! Longer days, warm nights, and the never ending trail of sand that follows my from the beach to my shoes to my car, and yes…to my bed.  I love Summer. I have loved summer since I have been on this Earth.  To me, Summer means endless ocean days of frolicking in the waves, followed by rolling around in hot sand.  It means ripe juicy tomatoes from the garden.  It means letting my inner child run the show!

On the flip side, Summer also means the sun will be out, and so will your skin.  Sun damage can lead to cosmetic changes in your skin, such as premature ageing, wrinkles and discolouration. It can also lead to more serious conditions, like skin cancer.Which brings me to my 3 tips to nourish our skin during these hot, sunny, summer months!

  1. Cover Up – Besides sunscreen, physical protection from the sun (i.e. hat, sunglasses, clothing, umbrella) is the most effective and safest method to avoid sun damage.
  2. Hydrosol + Serum – The use of a hydrosol will help nourish sun damaged skin by restoring the pH, combatting inflammation and redness, as well as replenishing moisture on a cellular level.  Our Cellular Revival Serum is a luxurious blend of organic cold-pressed oils loaded with essential fatty-acids to feed delicate facial skin with vitamins and elasticity.
  3. Hydration – We’ve all heard this one before but let’s repeat for the sake of our health and skin. Hydration is crucial for our bodily functions and overall wellbeing! During the summer months, adequate water intake will prevent dehydration and keep your skin and body juicy and lubricated.  Eating certain foods can help combat the damaging effects of the sun from the inside out! Watermelon, cucumber, pomegranate, and aloe juice are hydrating foods containing vitamins that are excellent for healing damaged tissues and skin cells. Yum!

Well, I hope this list will help you be well on your way to having fun in the sun without damaging your beautiful amazing skin!




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