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Forest Distillations

A glorious yet brief visit from the sun in between showers & in between Redwoods


Douglas Fir needles harvested and cut await their transformation in the stainless steel basket that sits inside the copper column still


It rained, and rained, and then rained some more...but that didn't stop our distillation schedule.  The first distillation scheduled was our beloved Redwood needles.  We cut the tips of the new growth on both of the Redwood and Douglas Fir branches that grow on our densely forested property in northern California.  After the needles are harvest and cut, they soak in heated spring water in the still for almost 24 hours before they are ready to be distilled.  


Aside from the grounding forest aroma of these ancient trees from which these hydrosols are derived, both offer their own skin healing properties.

Redwood Hydrosol

-A slightly sweet citrus top note, this hydrosol is high in vitamin C which restores smooth surface and reduce fine lines.

Douglas Fir Hydrosol

-The chemical constituents of Douglas Fir such as bornyl-acetate give this hydrosol it's anti-inflammatory properties.  Purifies the skin while encouraging deep meditative breathing with the deep forest aroma.


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