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Douglas Fir Rich in Beta-Pinene

Beta-Pinene is a naturally occurring organic compound that is found in our Douglas Fir Hydrosol.  Not  only does this Hydrosol moisturize and balance the skin's pH level, but also provides other profound healing properties.

Medical Uses of Beta-Pinene

Cytotoxic Activity: Beta-Pinene is seen to show cytotoxic activity towards cancer cells. In 2014 a study on ‘Anti-cancer activity of essential oils and their chemical components’ proved that essential oils containing major compound beta-pinene showed significant anti-proliferative activity against A375 cancer cell lines. There by preventing the growth of cancer cells related to skin cancer.

Anti-Depressant: A study in 2012 found that Beta-Pinene acts in balancing the brain chemistry in multiple receptors resulting in alterations of mood and depression.

Anti-Microbial: Several studies have been conducted to identify and prove the anti-microbial activity of Beta-Pinene.


There you have it, an organic sustainable skincare product that not only revitalizes your skin- but is also scientifically proven to assist in cancer treatment, depression, and microbial activity! Click on the hyperlinks to read the medical case-studies.

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