Alicia Keys Natural Glow

Recently, the talented musician Alicia Keys has been appearing remarkably less 'made-up', and we think her natural look has been a beautiful refreshing take for women in the spot light.  
Here are some La Lune Apothecary products that will prep your skin for a healthy natural glow!  
  • Begin your skincare routine with a gentle exfoliant like our Botanical Facial Polish.  The circular motion of your fingers and the micro-dermabrasion properties of the mask will bring blood flow to the surface of your skin, leaving your face glowing and radiant.


  • Once your face has been rinsed, gently pat dry excess water.  Mist face with 3-4 generous pumps of a Hydrosol.  This will balance the pH of skin, and tighten pores.


  • Following the Hydrosol, use a dime size amount of oil from one of our two Organic Serums (depending on your skin type) and rub into face using gentle upward strokes.  The serum will penetrate deep into skin while providing essential vitamins and fatty-acids.  


  • Complete your dewy natural look with our Besame Organic Lip Balm. After applying to lips, we love to rub a little bit of the lip balm on our eyelashes and then curl them for a shiny natural look!


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