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4 Ways to Rejuvenate Winter Skin for the New Year

Image by  Rocio Montoya


Cleanse- Toxins from urban environments like car exhaust particles, smoke, heavy metals and radiation can lead to clogged pores and alter skin pigmentation. The botanical facial polish is a gentle and effective cleanser that will draw these toxic particles out and decongest pores with out leaving your skin feeling tight and dry.


Renew- Exfoliate dead skin cells brightens the complexion and makes skin look and feel fresh, smoothes textures, improves skin tone and helps unclog pores.  Dead keratinocytes (skin cells) are opaque- so light flattens against them, leaving skin looking dull. The botanical facial polish will slough off dead skin cells from face and the cardamom cacao coffee dead sea salt scrub will do the same for your body.


Nourish- The topical nutrition provided by our therapeutic hydrosols provides vitamins and pH balancing properties. With evenly distributed essential oils, these colloidal mixtures can act as toners, assist in anti-aging, and provide critical nutrients that the skin requires for optimum health.


Hydration- Incorporating an organic cold-pressed serum to your skin care regimen will deeply hydrate your skin with a blend of fatty-acids and vitamin C, can soothe inflammation and promote cellular rejuvenation.

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